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My Grocery/Eating Out Goal for November

November 6th, 2006 at 02:29 pm

One of my major goals for November is to cut down on our grocery bill. I am defining this as all food from the grocery store, any eating out, and stops at quick markets. Last month our total was $453.50! I think this will be the easiest "quick money" to put towards the student loans and building back up our emergency fund. So, I am going to start keeping track of how much we spend on food, and food-related expenses. So far this month we are up to $32.75.

I cooked a turkey yesterday (that we got at .49/lb). It was nice to come home from school today and not have to worry about dinner. It's been a pretty long day, and I am usually pretty tired by now with several hours of studying and housework to do before bed. Most of the time when I feel like this it's been easier to have DH pick something up rather then cooking. (Spaghetti, tacos, and salads get a little old after a while of trying to fix something "quick" when I'm tired). I have even managed to get in a bit of walking for a change -- helps with the energy. Smile

3 Responses to “My Grocery/Eating Out Goal for November”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Walking's good. Take a few minutes and make up a list of 10 quick meals that you can make w/o thinking and then keep the ingredients on hand.

    453.50 does sound like quite a bit, surely you'll be able to do much better while focusing on cutting down! It can be done. Pick an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday that you've got free time and cook double of something up for the freezer. Next time you're wiped out - pop it into the oven!

  2. jersey jen Says:

    hey there, it seems like we have same spending issue regarding dining out. i'm trying to bring lunch to work more often and eat-in during the week. don't overdo it by cutting off dining out completely. just save it for weekend celebrations!

  3. pjmama Says:

    I practically live on leftovers because it's easy to overcook for 2 people... but Lux is right, overcooking and eating leftovers makes things much more convenient. And another tip: quesedillas. I've been experiencing the vast glory of this easy food. Cook strips of chicken (or if you just want to go veggie, cut up some peppers and onions), put em in between 2 tortillas with lots of shredded cheese, put the thinger on a dry hot frying pan until the tortilla is browned, flip and repeat. So easy and so yummy! I bought a little of giant eagle's homemade guacamole and it was awesome together! Mmm.

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