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November's Tally and December's Goals

December 9th, 2006 at 02:55 pm

I managed to exceed 2/3 of my goals for November, but not the third one.

Our total for groceries/eating out/quick stops went down to $303.42, a savings of $149.88 this month! I made some of the cheaper, easier recipies posted on the boards a couple of times a week and cut down on eating out. I can still cut down more on eating out and get this total down lower in December.

For the second goal of paying off $150 towards the student loans -- I managed to pay off a little over $700, bringing our totals down to:
Student Loans: 36,144.13
Mortgage 95602.39

For our third goal, saving $150 -- I used the extra money towards the school loans, as I just couldn't see paying the extra interest, but I really do need to get an emergency fund set up again.

So for December, my new goals are:
(1): To decrease our grocery budget to atleast $275
(2): To pay cash for my winter semester of school (trying to avoid additional student loans)
(3): To save $50 in an "emergency" fund.
(4): To pay off an additional $300 in student loans.

4 Responses to “November's Tally and December's Goals”

  1. janH Says:

    Feels good to set down goals in writing, doesn't it? I'm still working on mine. My problem is that I have so many that I want to implement! Patience, patience....

  2. genmed Says:

    I understand the "too many" goals. I have a whole list of them -- I tried to do them all at once and failed so many times. Now, I keep a list of maybe goals (like when I see a great idea on the boards!) and just try to work on them a bit at a time. Patience...never a strong point.

  3. Aleta Says:

    I found that it was important to set small a spending plan and then to set small goals from the spending plan to see some progress. Because of what you owe on your student loan, it would be good to build up some money on the side. You don't say whether you owe any other outstanding debts. Also, you should consider your retirement account as well. You're doing well with the decrecionary things like groceries. You can save a lot there and you can also save on your electricity and other utilities too. Good job!

  4. genmed Says:

    I can happily say no -- we don't owe any other oustanding amount and we're pretty much maxed out on the retirement accounts (401k/403b) with happily matched contributions from our employers.

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