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Organizing, Decluttering and Other House Projects

December 14th, 2006 at 08:57 am

Now that school is "done" for winter break. (Not really, as I have a paper and stuff to write over break, but 2h is better than 12 a day!) I am getting ready to work on going through the house. I am hoping to get rid of anything not used in a year, but more importantly to try to find storage space as I have all of three-half size closets in the entire house -- one in each bedroom and precious little in the way of wall space. Ideas are greatfully appreciated. Especially for extra kitchen "pantry" storage.

However, interdispered with this, I'll be able to get some major projects done I've been hoping to do for a while.
(a) Painting the front door
(b) Reorganizing the kitchen
(c) Lining some drapes for our windows (hopefully will help a bit with the winter)
(d) Fill up the freezer with easy meals, so when I start back to school it will be easier to make things and not feel like "takeout"
(e) Get in the habit of exercising in the morning. I've done this for two days so far...

3 Responses to “Organizing, Decluttering and Other House Projects”

  1. Aleta Says:

    I visit a website called flylady.net. She reccommends using a linen closet. She says 2 sets of sheets for each bed. One on and the other under the mattress. Also 2 sets of towels for each person. So those could go into your bedroom as well.

    I have a friend that uses a spare bedroom closet for her pantry stuff. My Mom uses a metal 2 door cabinet that she stores her hurricane supplies in. That could be put anywhere. But try Flylady and go to uncluttering. You can also google decluttering and she'll be there. Good luck.

  2. yummy64 Says:

    I strongly second the flylady recommendation! My place isn't perfect but it is better than it has ever been in my entire life. I no longer see decluttering and organizing as a horrid chore.. I may not always enjoy it but I can see the results of it and I don't go at it "whole hog" then get depressed and quit having made a bigger mess than when I started.

  3. genmed Says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll check out the website. Although yummy64 -- I
    have to say I'm a bit neurotic -- I actually like organizing.

    Using the back of our closets will probably work well for extra canned pantry stuff. (Helpful as I am trying to stock up on groceries when they are on sale for a great price -- saves money and I hate shopping.) The three closets in the house are pretty small on useable space, but are deeper (2 feet high in the back) that other then the window air conditioning units, I've never used for anything.

    The towels and sheets aren't a big thing (no linen closet, no coat closet). I keep the extra towels in the bathroom and the extra linens in a drawer in our bedroom.

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