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Cooking for January

January 1st, 2007 at 04:19 pm

(a) I made two batches of rolls (24 total) for DH for sandwiches for lunch. Much cheaper than buying them, and able to make them with whole wheat flour and no "salt" or preservatives.
(b) Cooked 2 lbs of lean ground beef (93% fat free) we got on sale for tacos on nights things are just too crazy to cook.
(c) Made 6 pizza crusts and froze also for dinners. Just mix a homemade spice mix with no-sodium tomato sauce, add some veggies and grated cheese for a quick dinner.
(d) Made a new batch of granola for breakfast.
(e) Froze some individual servings of homemade minestrone soup for lunches.

Total time: 1 1/2 hours.

Since I really organized the kitchen in December things have really been a lot easier. Gladware containers have been great -- easy to freeze things and easy to store rice, beans, cereal, dried fruit, and other "necessities" that usually end up all over the place and are hard to find.

I've also made a "pantry" list and started a price book. Both are helping me to knock down making a "grocery list" to about 15 minutes when the circulars come out at the end of the week. DH has even been helpful for putting things we need on the list.

It hasn't even snowed yet and I can't wait until summer. I don't have much of a garden, but did plant some blueberry bushes last year. Unfortunately the blueberries never made it in the house for cooking. Smile Hopefully this coming year some will make it to the freezer or at least to the dinner table.

4 Responses to “Cooking for January”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    Good for you!!

    I should've been doing a bit of cooking for the coming month too, but I haven't so far. BUT! It's on my "to-do" list tomorrow!

    I'm planning on baking a couple batches of cookies for lunchboxes. Browning 3 lbs of sausage...future uses: pizza, breakfast burritos. And, like you, making a big batch of granola!

  2. cindilee Says:

    I'm jealous! I'm a great cook but couldn't bake to save my life! I have tried and tried to make bread and rolls with no luck! I love homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls!

  3. janH Says:

    What a great idea! I think I'll start planning on a specific date at the beginning of the month instead of weekly. I then can use a pantry list and shop very little. If I stay out of stores, I do much better!

  4. genmed Says:

    Living_in_oz: I absolutely love granola. Smile I started making my own out of necessity, as I couldn't find any without nuts! Thanks for the "cookie" reminder -- I did promise DH some chocolate chip cookies.

    Cindilee - I cheat, kinda -- I hate kneading dough and am too impatient to wait for it to rise. I got a bread maker a couple of years ago for Christmas. I use it to make all the dough for everything, shaping it and putiing it into the oven for rolls, pizza crusts and so forth is the easy part.

    JanH: Shopping monthly would be great. I agree the less I'm in the store, the less opportunity to pick up extra things. I'm still waiting for specific sales on things to "store up" on items when they are on sale. I think I'll probably be able to get down to shopping twice a month early this year though.

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